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Stay at Home Guidelines

Deciding when a child is too sick to go to school can be a difficult decision for parents to make. When trying to decide, use the guidelines below and seek the advice of your health care provider. Please do not send your ill or injured child to school and ask the nurse to “check him/her out”. Please have a thermometer and check your child’s temperature at home. If you think your child needs assessment, contact his/her health care provider,

  1. If your child has a temperature over 100 degrees he/she must stay home. Your child cannot return to school the next day and should remain at home until the fever has been gone for at least 24 hours without medication.
  2. If your child has diarrhea, he/she should stay home until the diarrhea has passed.
  3. If your child vomited during the night, he/she should stay home the following day and until there is no vomiting for 24 hours and they are able to tolerate a meal.
  4. If your child woke up with one or both eyes red, sealed with discharge, and/or is itchy or painful, he/she should stay home and be seen by their health care provider. If prescribed an antibiotic eye drop, he/she may return after 24 hours of use.
  5. If your child is complaining of severe sore throat they should stay home and be seen by their health care provider. If an antibiotic is prescribed, he/she may return after 24 hours of use.
  6. If your child has severe cold symptoms with thick discharge, especially green discharge, from the nose or has a wheezing, croupy cough they should stay home.
  7. If your child has an unknown rash he/she should stay home and be evaluated by their health care provider. If prescribed an antibiotic they may return after 24 hours of use. Please cover any open or oozing sores.

In the event that your child does have a fever over 100 degrees, if they are exhibiting negative changes in behavior, temperament, or classroom performance due to various health concerns (i.e. fatigue, colds, constipation, etc.) you may be called to pick up your child.

Please consider the health of your child and the other children in the class and follow these guidelines before sending your child back to school. Keep these guidelines handy in order to determine when your child can come back to school after being ill. Please contact your school nurse with any questions.

Recovery time is shorter with a sick child who is given plenty of rest. Thank you for helping us to maintain a healthy and happy school environment for all of our students!

Medications at School

Connecticut State Law says that NO medication may be taken at school without a doctor’s order and parent signature. This includes over-the-counter medications.

The generic forms of Tylenol and Advil may be given for headaches or general discomfort with a  parent/guardian signature.  Medications may be dispensed from the nurse’s supply. No medication will be given out if the authorization is not signed by the parent.  Phone authorization is not accepted.

Prescription medications and any over the counter medications that your personal doctor wants the student to receive, must have a signed medication authorization form, signed by both doctor and parent, and on file in the nurse’s office.

Suggestion: Kids with braces or any extreme dental work might benefit by getting a medication order for discomfort from your dentist or orthodontist. Each time that the braces are tightened, the next day is usually a bit uncomfortable.

Remember – no Midol, no cold medicines, no allergy meds, no any kind of medication, no matter how simple or common may be taken without a doctor’s order.

Please see the Forms and Downloads for the medication authorization form.


Notice: Flu Season and Flu Shots

The ideal time to get a flu shot is in the late fall but if you’ve avoided the flu so far, getting one in January or February is OK too. It takes about two weeks for the body to create the immune properties that will help the body reject the flu.

Can you get the flu FROM the flu shot? – NO – it is a dead virus.

Can you get the flu after getting the shot? – yes it’s possible, but a MUCH milder case.

Who should get the flu shot? Well, ideally, everyone. But some folks are allergic to the egg that the flu serum is grown in. Anyone allergic to eggs should avoid the flu shot.

The flu can be deadly to certain groups of people. The very, very young, ages 6 to 23 months and folks who are 65 years or older are more vulnerable to the flu. Adults and children with chronic health conditions – heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, cancers, and other chronic disorders are at greater risk when the flu hits. It’s also important that the caregivers of the “at risk” people are immunized as well.

The more people who get the flu shot leaves fewer people to get the flu and pass it around. It’s a responsible action to take for yourself and for your community.

How to Prevent the flu

Clean your hands – hand washing is a #1 disease inhibitor

Avoid close contact – with people who are sick. When you are sick, keep your distance from others.

Stay home when you are sick

Cover your mouth and nose – with a tissue, or if none is available at the moment, into the crook of your elbow (not your hands)

Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth – each of these sites are a great portal of entry for germs

Stay physically fit – get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage stress, drink water, and eat good food.

Bloomfield High School

Melanie Kelley

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Tenth Grade Physicals – Due before the start of the tenth grade school year.

They must be in before a student will be allowed to enter the 10th grade. This is State Law so Bloomfield can’t alter this rule. Also, if you move to another town, the same rule applies. Remember, it is state law.

Confused about Sports Physicals?

Our Bloomfield policy says that a sports physical must be done within 13 months of playing a sport. As soon as this nurse’s office gets a roster of possible players, a check is made to see who needs updates. If a student does not have a current physical and school emergency card on file, he/she will not be allowed to play.

How does that apply to 10th grade physicals?

Tenth grade physicals do cover sports. Sports physicals do not cover for the 10th grade physical. Why? Because the sports physical is a brief sports related check; whereas the full physical for 10th grade is much more comprehensive.

Please see the Download Center for health assessment form, HUSKY application, and immunization requirements

Mandated Screens

All 9th graders will have a vision test. During the first screen, if a concern is raised, a second screen will be done. If the second screen shows concerns, a vision referral will be sent to the parents.

The parents are responsible for bringing their child to an eye specialist to assess the need for correction.

Global Experience Magnet School

Linda Powers,R.N.

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Physical Requirements: Prior to 7th and 10th Grade

A reminder that Connecticut State Law requires all school children to have periodic physical examinations and to be properly immunized against certain diseases. This law states that all children in grade 6 must have a physical before entry to grade 7 and all children in grade 9 must have a physical before entry to grade 10.

  • Physicals completed after the end of 5th grade and prior to the start of 7th grade are acceptable.
  • Physicals completed after the end of 8th grade and prior to the start of 10th grade are acceptable.

Parents need to complete page 1 of the blue State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record and your child’s physician needs to complete page 2 and 3. The completed form needs to be turned in to the school nurse. Additional forms may be obtained from the school nurse website under forms and downloads.

Any student who has not submitted the required physical will be excluded from entering school in the fall until this requirement is satisfied.

Mandated Screenings: The following mandated screenings will be completed by the school nurse sometime during the school year.

  • Vision Screening-Grades 6th and 9th
  • Hearing Screening-Grade 8
  • Scoliosis (Postural) Screening-Grades 6th,7th,8th and 9th

A letter will be sent home notifying you if follow-up is needed.



Carmen Arace Middle and Intermediate Schools

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Metacomet Elementary School

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Laurel Elementary School

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Wintonbury Early Childhood Magnet School

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Forms and Downloads

Early Childhood Health Assessment Form [PDF]

Emergency Contact Card [PDF]

Health Assessment Form [PDF]

HUSKY School Form [PDF] Spanish [PDF]

Immunization Requirements [PDF]

Medication Authorization Form [PDF]

Medical Exemption Immunization Form [PDF]

Religious Exemption Immunization Form [PDF]

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